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Summer Activities at Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe offers some of the most beautiful sights and sounds in the world throughout the summer - so don't hesitate to take advantage of the gorgeous views and wonderful weather, whether you're sunning at the beaches , biking in the mountains, hiking on the trails, exploring the region on horseback , or climbing a sheer rock wall.

Lake Tahoe has a multitude of scenic spots and beaches where you can have a picnic and barbecue, wander along the shoreline, get sand between your toes, wade in the cool water, bask in the sunshine and get a tan!


Kayaking & Parasailing

Experience the mountain splendor of summer in Lake Tahoe and explore the beautiful shores and shallows while gliding along in a stable kayak designed especially for open water paddling. Sunrise to sunset, kayaking is a pleasurable pastime on Lake Tahoe- so rent a kayak and paddle away!

Or, if you're in the mood for a bit more elevation, try out the effortless and awesome thrill of parasailing over Lake Tahoe as you enjoy spectacular vistas during your quiet and serene ride at 10 to 1200 feet in the air! Parasailing is safe, fun and easy. No special skills are required and anyone can do it. You can fly solo or in tandem. You'll experience a gentle launch and landing from a boat and you can stay dry or be dipped in the water. Some companies will allow family and friends to ride along if there is space onboard. This is a must do at the lake!


River Rafting

River rafting is a great way to be close to nature as you float past open meadows and timbered slopes. You'll feel your adrenalin rise as you paddle through pools, riffles and rapids. You'll laugh, you'll scream -- and you will get wet! So, bring a change of clothes for your return trip.

Rafting is a fun adventure for singles, families and groups. When you are vacationing in Lake Tahoe, you are nearby excellent and exciting rafting on the Truckee River, the East Fork of the Carson River and the South Fork of the American River.

Most rafting companies employ experienced and professional guides and all necessary equipment for trips that vary from half-day to multi-day. Many companies offer youth, group and midweek discounts, so be sure and ask. The rafting season runs from April through September.



Lake Tahoe's popular Alpine waters provide an angling haven for both beginners and experienced freshwater anglers who travel to Lake Tahoe from around the world.

And within a 75-mile radius of Lake Tahoe there are more than 450 lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams -- each with their own fishing profile! Many of the lakes in the high country are stocked regularly by various public agencies. Interestingly, fishing pressure is low at these lakes so the odds are high for catching some really big fish.



Bicycling is a popular pastime for visitors to Lake Tahoe. If you are looking for a casual bicycle ride or have small children with you, there are a variety of designated paved bike paths and lanes in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Make some time to rent a bike and enjoy Tahoe's unmatched beauty from yet another perspective. You'll feel exhilarated and restore your sense of wonder with nature!

Mountain biking at Lake Tahoe is not a just a sport, it's a lifestyle! Bike paths, dirt roads, single tracks and bike parks abound around the lake. There are many scenic and mellow rides and plenty of steep, rocky precipices in the mountains.

Enjoy your ride!



There are enough hiking trails in the Lake Tahoe Basin to keep an avid hiker busy for years. We have organized popular Lake Tahoe hiking trails to make it easy for you to plan your hike based on your preference of scenery, location, elevation, distance and difficulty.

Know that weather conditions can change rapidly in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Bring proper clothing, equipment and plenty of water, no matter how short the hike!


Riding Stables

For a close-to-nature experience, explore the scenic wilderness of Lake Tahoe on horseback. Saddle up and savor the scenery as you ride near lakeside and through mountain meadows and forests. Enjoy spectacular mountain views while following the Aspen, Meadow and Fallen Leaf Lake trails. Travel a Sierra trail to reach the secluded Floating Island Lake.

Most stables offer a variety of guided trail rides suited to individuals, families, and groups. Select the type of ride that appeals to your sense of adventure. One to two-hour trail rides. Breakfast, lunch and dinner rides. Half-day, day, overnight and extended pack trips.



There are about the same number of Lake Tahoe golf courses as there are Tahoe ski resorts. During the winter, a fan of both sports can golf and ski on the same day!

Many of the golf courses around Lake Tahoe are 6,000+ feet above sea level. Because of the high elevation you will get an extra 6 to 10 percent more distance than at sea level. A good rule is thumb is to hit one club less than you would at home. When playing on golf courses that are close to the lake, prevailing winds can come in and make for some difficult club selection on some holes.


Cruises & Sightseeing

There are so many wonderful sights to see in Lake Tahoe. Visitors can sightsee solo, with friends, family or tour groups . . . sightsee by land, water and air . . . sightsee summer, fall, winter and spring. The sightseeing combinations are endless, and each sight takes on a new flavor with a change in the season and the perspective. One of the favorite pastimes in Lake Tahoe is enjoying the view of the lake from wherever you happen to be at the moment. The other favorite pastime is enjoying a marvelous 360 degree panoramic view of Lake Tahoe's majestic peaks from a watercraft out on the lake. If you want to experience the total magnificence of Lake Tahoe, take a lake cruise that suits you and your party and spend a few hours seeing Lake Tahoe from the other perspective. Both views are amazingly amazing!

Gain a new perspective by seeing Lake Tahoe from above! You zip around the lake in a cable car , fly in a plane , hover in a helicopter , or even float in a hot air balloon . Bring your camera and capture the incredible views for a lifetime!

Tours are a great way to explore the Lake Tahoe Basin and nearby areas. Guided tours leave all the planning and driving to someone else so you can just go along for the ride and enjoy yourself. Self-guided tours let you do the planning and driving so that you can see as few or as many sights as you choose on your time schedule. Either way, you'll be able to see a lot more in a lot less time!


Rock Climbing

The LakeTahoe Basin offers a variety of rock climbing experiences that range from mild to moderate to extreme. You can climb the multi-pitch classics on clean granite and you can test your strength and endurance working out on sport routes.

There are lots of great rock climbing opportunities just minutes from South Lake Tahoe. Experienced climbers may want to visit one of several local sport shops to get detailed information about climbing routes. Beginners will be able to more quickly build their skills and confidence by following the lead of an experienced climbing guide on their first few outings.


Parks and Wilderness Areas

The Lake Tahoe Basin has some of the most beautiful parks and forests in the nation. And since more than 80% of the Lake Tahoe Basin is under public ownership, the scenic and recreation opportunities are everywhere.

Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of activities that are offered year-round through the Forest Service and the State Parks of California and Nevada. There are hiking trails, naturalist-led activities, historic home tours, museums, beaches, picnic grounds, campgrounds, campfire programs and so much more!






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